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The goal is to have a completely unbiased translation where every valid viewpoint is easily accessible to the common reader, so that the reader can seek the truth of the scriptures without any imposed bias.

This site is a work in progress, and may contain errors.

If you see an error you should contribute to this site, please create an account. Your edits may be moderated as a measure of SPAM protection.

This site aims to provide a wiki for scriptural works and a Tanakh translation/reference that is free of any pagan words.

It was inspired by the without vowels project, and the text of the tanakh and framework was initially borrowed from them, but the code was changed quite extensively, and the goals of this site are not the same as that project.

I also reference much material from Wikipedia.

Start with reading A tutorial for biblical Hebrew without vowels. It is quite simple. This page contains a "quick sheet" for quickly identifying a grammar form having a Hebrew word.

Technical features of this site

It is powered by MediaWiki.

The Text is the Unicode/XML Westminster Leningrad Codex 4.20. You can click on each word for an explanation, and you can click on each letter for a more detailed meaning.

The text of Tanakh was originally obtained from this site. I obtained it from the without vowels project at first so I could easily transfer the work that had been done converting to wiki format.

Then I wrote a program in php to pull the text directly from the site as my needs advanced beyond what the without vowels project could provide.

Support this project

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Why no vowel pointings?

The original copies of the Tanakh do not have vowel pointings. For some this is harder to read, and there are many scripture references out there that include them for ease.

However it is getting more and more difficult to find a resource on-line where you can read the scriptures without the vowel pointings, which are an interpretation of people.

To have a completely unbiased work, there should be no coloring by the opinions of people, and therefore I am not including the vowel pointings in the text.

All of the vowel pointings are preserved on my open scriptures implementation, if you would like to know how the word is pronounced according to tradition.

I am not trying to push another bias, but have a site that gives all opinions, and the reasons for each, so the reader can draw his or her own conclusion.

Some useful reference materials

PDF from my hebrew class

You can use 2LetterLookup to look up meanings of Hebrew words.

Semantic Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew (UBS) is a more traditional detailed Hebrew dictionary.

Hebrew with strongs and parallel English

BibleWiki anyone who has an interest in studying the interpretation of the Scriptures

The Wiki Bible Project (an editable wiki like this site, but not focused on the tanakh only and not so much tied to the Original as this site; also unlike this site they accept only Christian opinions)

BibleHub The best resource I have found before this site. The site that got me started on learning hebrew. It is definitely a xian work, but there is much of value in the work.

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